Herbie the Hedgehog


Each year, Avon chooses a fund-raising animal of the year which representatives can sell for proceeds to go to a charity or organization of choice. This year, the fund-raising animal is Herbie the Hedgehog and he is seriously adorable!

Once I saw Herbie, I decided to do a slightly different type of fund-raiser. What I did was sell Herbie’s but ask that people donate them back to me so I could give them to my town’s Fire and Police Departments. My idea was that the Fire and Police Departments could keep Herbie’s on hand to take with them when they go to crisis calls where there are children. As a child who often had the life squad called due to a medical condition, I know how scary it can be when people in uniforms show up and you’re not feeling well. My thought was that Herbie could make a scary time for a child a little easier.

After promoting my fund-raiser project to the local community, my friends, and family, I was ecstatic that I managed to sell 31 Herbie’s to donate to the local Fire and Police Departments.


Each Herbie has a special tag attached with an encouraging message from whoever donated it and I will be delivering them in the coming weeks.


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