Fragrances for men!?

It may sound weird but, until summer of 2017, I had had no idea that Avon had fragrance products for men! I really thought that the only fragrances Avon produced were for women so when I saw the Avon Ad for Wild Country on a Facebook live at 2017 RepFest, I was so surprised. Not only did they utilize cowboys (woohoo!) they also had the President of Avon in the commercial.

Recently, as I’ve been building my business, I’ve been providing samples to my customers of both female and male fragrances to spread the word that men can smell good by Avon, too! Avon must of read my mind because in campaign 22, they are offering many male fragrance products as any 2 for $23. What a deal!

fragrance for men

Check out these and many others here! As always, let me know if you need any samples!

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