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If you’re anything like me, you love having your nails done but hate paying the price! Avon makes many different types of nail polish in different shades but I always seem to mess them up before they dry, it never fails! Call it clumsiness, call it Mom life, call it whatever – waiting for your nails to be dry before you have to go do something is impossible. Until now …

Avon has brought back it’s very own personal nail dryer and I love this thing! It’s small and portable so you can use it pretty much anywhere!


Avon Pro Nail Dryer

Back by popular demand is the new and improved nail dryer that now features a convenient on/off switch and comes in a larger size so your hands fit more comfortably. It’s lightweight and portable yet strong enough to dry your nail polish in a flash.


• 6 1/2″ L x 5″ W x 2 3/4″ H
• Switch on the side is a button; press in to turn on, press again to pop-up button to turn off


• Plastic

*Batteries not included

Another product for nail care that Avon offers is a manicure set which keeps all your nail grooming tools in one place!


Avon Pro Manicure Tool

Back by popular demand is the battery-operated white and pink nail tool with 5 attachments.


• Pointed diamond tip tool
• 1 flat round buffer
• 1 round metal disc to sharpen nails
• Stone cone-shaped tool
• Flat emery tool
• Comes with white and pink plastic case with a see-through lid
• Includes a ‘how to’ instruction sheet


• Plastic
• Ceramic
• Pumice
• Metal
• Cloth

*Batteries not included

Check out these products and more back by popular demand here!

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