Happy Friday!


Today is another chance to have a great day! Happy Friday and remember to be a blessing to those around you!

I received some amazing news this morning so today will definitely be a great day for me! About a year ago, Avon announced the 2020 incentive trip of an all-inclusive trip to Jamaica. I’ve never been out of the country because it’s expensive for one person, let alone two people (I have to always travel with a caregiver due to a disability I was born with). Although it seemed like an unreachable goal, I decided to give it a try as this may be the only opportunity I ever get to travel abroad and have help covering the expenses. Avon set a goal for me of selling $15,000 with half of that being sold online and I was notified this morning that I had achieved the trip! I am so excited; nervous but super excited! I’ve loved being an Avon rep for as long as I can remember because the products are amazing but these incentive trips make me love it even more!



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