It’s the first Monday of 2020!


It’s back to my main job for me after two weeks off and, let me tell you, it was a much needed break for me. It was so nice to rest, recharge, and rejuvenate for the new year!

This morning, I got up for my main job with a renewed energy and motivation to have a great day! During 2019, I did not take much time off until the end of the year and often worked my main job some every single day. After thinking about it, I believe this led to my year-end burnout and lack of motivation.

In 2020, I have decided to work my main job only during the week and to make sure I take a few days off here and there throughout the year instead of waiting to use all my vacation for the end of the year. I firmly believe that this will help me to stay positive and motivated!

All that being said, one of the things I -love- about Avon as my side gig is that I truly can work it on my own time and hours from wherever I want! It has been so fun to grow and develop my Avon business into a nice secondary income.

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