Today is my Papaw’s Birthday!


Today is my Papaw’s birthday and the picture above was taken in June of 2017. This the last photo that I have with him as he passed away unexpectedly in October of 2017. Even though I am sad that he’s celebrating up in Heaven, I am trying to focus on the happy moments and memories that I have of him. To those of you with your grandparents still alive, I encourage you to spend as much time as you possibly can with them and enjoy that time – you never know when there will be no more time.

In any case … I often talk about how my Mamaw was the reason I started selling Avon but my ability -to- sell Avon definitely came from my Papaw. He was a salesman almost his whole life and I am positive that he could have sold ice to Eskimos simply because of his natural ability to talk. He was a talker for sure and made friends everywhere he went. What he wasn’t, though, was like a used car salesman. He genuinely cared about whatever he was selling, took point to learn everything he could about whatever he was selling, and tried to learn about the people he was selling to. These skills are invaluable and something I have learned to apply in my own business venture.

As an independent sales representative for Avon, I take pride in learning about our products as well as using them myself. I cannot successfully sell something that I haven’t used or tried myself so you can believe me when I talk about our products. I also take time to get to know my customers and send little reminders when I see sales or new products that I know a customer might enjoy. Avon is my passion and I love selling it!

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