How do you spend a Saturday?


It was the first week back to work for me and the first week back to school for my daughter after the holiday’s and, man, it was a bit rough getting back into the everyday routine. That alarm clock going off on Monday morning was a killer!

While I love when school and work breaks come, it also comes with stress because there is no routine which often means chaos ensues. Personally, I am a creature of habit and always prefer routine over spontaneous and chaos. Furthermore, I like the routine of school and work because it forces me to get up early which means I am so much more productive in a day!

In any case, I think my daughter and I both enjoyed staying up late last night, sleeping in this morning, and goofing off today … Well, she was goofing off. I, on the other hand, am always looking for ways to keep growing my Avon business so even when I am “lounging” I am still thinking!

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