Do you have a Sunday routine?


Sunday’s around here are usually quiet and subdued on purpose. I am of the mindset that Sunday should be used to prepare our mind’s and bodies for the week ahead.

Typically, my daughter and I make sure laundry to done, straighten up the house, and get groceries for the week. Once all that is done, while she is doing what typical tweens do, watching YouTube and making Tik Tok’s, I use the time to see what I have coming up in the week ahead, make my must do list, text customers an order reminder if it is an order week and relax a bit. I have found that by taking a few minutes every Sunday to get organized for the week ahead, my stress level during the week drops dramatically AND I am more productive – I enjoy checking off lists!

Many people dread Sunday because it’s the day before Monday; I say to embrace Sunday and change your mindset!

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