What is your favorite scent?

Nose and smell sense vector pictogram

I don’t know about you but the smell of something you recognize can change your mood in an instance. For example, I find the smell of fresh rain to be relaxing while I find the smell of cinnamon to be energizing.

One of the things Avon does well is to capture favorite smells within their different products. Typically, people think of smells coming in candles but Avon has incorporated them into so much more! Take, for instance, their new Senses Strawberry & Cream Bubble Bath!


While Avon has many scents for their bubble bath line, few smell quite as good as strawberries and cream. As soon as you open the bottle, your senses are overwhelmed with the smell of juicy strawberries topped by a dollop of rich cream like is often eaten on a hot summer day. I find this to be a seriously enjoyable smell for a relaxing bubble bath.

You can get this here!

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